Monday, April 1, 2013

Patiently waiting...

With the warmer temperatures that we have been getting ( 4 above is better than a kick in the pants. But the wind can bugger off! Brrr!) The roof on the garage dried enough for the boys to put the tin on the roof that we bought last Thursday.

One more project crossed off the list!

Under all this snow, is my garden.

Believe it!

I really don't think it is EVER going to MELT!

Hawkeye has claimed the doghouse for his own. Although he will quickly out-grow this one. A new dwelling for him, has been added to the list.

Hawkeye trying to make friends with one of the kittens.

Over the weekend, Madeline managed to find a new home for two of the barn kittens.

The Missus passed away yesterday morning. I have no idea how old she was. She is one of the ewes that Mr. Walker gave me two years ago. She was so tame!

Frank Jr. bought me a bouquet of  tulips. But Madeline kind of squished them in the grocery bag!

Ike has injured himself. Again! Madeline has been cleaning his chest wound. He is such a big kid! Have no idea how he did it. The paddock that they are in, has no barb wire fencing!

Ike joined our family last August. He is coming four years old. He is a purebred registered thoroughbred. He ran four races. And he lost all four races. He placed seventh. He was very content to hang back and take his time. Greg, his previous owner, knew enough that Ike would not amount to a racer. I can't remember how Greg and Madeline found each other. But someone had to open her mouth (I am reluctantly putting my hand in the air) and informed Greg that one day Madeline would like to have a rescue place for horses.

 Later this month, Greg is giving Madeline two more horses. 

See why I should have stayed silent!

She is just paying for the transfer of the registration. One of the mares is Ike's mama. Both mares will becoming bred. I hope they don't slip their foals. We never have had a foal on the farm before! 

It is okay that she is getting these mares. Well. Let me clarify. I am ok that she is getting the mares. However. The husband. Is. Not.

But like everything else. The idea will grow on him!

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