Thursday, May 2, 2013

cleaning, and building

The sun was shining beautifully today. Sitting on the deck, playing foreman, I was in a tank top, it was great! The house blocked most of the wind, but up nearer the barn and corrals where there are no trees the wind was a bit cold. It sure felt great being outside without being so bundled up!

Checked on Ike this afternoon. I didn't take the camera with me, but his wounds are ick! Madeline finally came home with a spray bottle. Young Frank and her are going to hopefully be able to spritz Ike with the Sweden Bitters. Than they are moving her other horses into the Horse Paddock just East of the house. Ike than is getting moved into the North Paddock, where he can do some grazing, and not so much fence chewing! The snow is melting in the corrals, and there is a lot of 'barnyard tea'. Where Frank expanded Ike's recovery pen, is now a 'swimming hole'. Standing in water is definitely not a good thing for horses's hooves. 

Ike and Ezio

Frank is making progress on the roof for our new deck.

I have radishes, spinach and green onions up in my cold frame. 
I don't understand why the lettuce is taking so long. My seedlings that I am growing under the lights in the garage are doing well. This afternoon I was 'playing' in my raspberry patch. I raked it clean. I strolled over to where Frank keeps all his fencing supplies, and snaffled onto to some re-bar that was used for electric fencing on the North-West quarter. I am going to put a fence up in my raspberries, to help keep those canes to be not so unruly. But I will have to wait a bit longer-the ground is still frozen. I couldn't get the re-bar into the ground!

Our six month old female barn kitten-I know she has a name I just don't what it is-was bred by one of the Toms, had her kittens last evening. However, Goldie our 9 year old Pomeranian, was stealing the kittens one by one and she was hiding them somewhere. So we are certain those kittens are now dead. Frank was saying that the little female, managed to save one kitten from Goldie. Goldie doesn't kill cats, she looks at them as if they are her children. Not realising that she can't suckle them!

The boys moved my bees out of the barn almost two weeks ago. Today they were buzzing around pretty good.

I took this photo the day they moved the hive out of the barn -April 24th.

 A couple of weeks ago, I gently put a pollen patty just under the inside lid for the bees to nibble on.  

checking out the pollen patty
I was hoping today to go inside the hive, to check things out. I would like to 'downsize' the hive and remove the top super and insert the queen excluder. I set up another hive, just in case O Bee One decides to swarm.  I don't know if they will, but if they do, I hope they choose the empty hive near by.

My three Jersey yearling heifers got moved out of the sheep paddock today. They were moved in with the cow/calf pairs. I am hoping soon that the ewes will start lambing. I have three that will lamb close together, and the others I think will be spread out over a great period of time.

 Makes me wonder, if I was able to get them sheared last year, if Lawrence would have had an easier time of find his 'mark'? Hmm!
 Just saying!

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