Thursday, June 20, 2013

bee swarm

When I came out of the barn from milking this morning, my mind was already wondering as I carried the two pails of milk back to the house. As I got closer to the house, and to where my bee hive is located I stopped dead in my tracks and panic set in.

My bees were getting ready to swarm. There was hundreds of them flying about!

I quickly came in the house and went on the search for information on how to catch a swarm. The morning's milk left on the floor in the kitchen along with the mess of making jam early this morning.

I had joined a group on Facebook and I quickly requested help. The other beeks on there are SUPER!
In between getting info from the group and gathering my required supplies I snapped this photo of the bees.

They swarmed high into the pine tree! 
Now. How in the hell do I get them out of the tree?!
More inquiries and more suggestions.

Armed with information and an overwhelming feeling of self doubt, I was as ready as I could be. I just knew I didn't want to loose my bees.
When I got back to the tree they weren't there!
I was briefly disappointed, when my eye and brain registered this sight.

They flew out of the tree and back on to O Bee One!

I was elated! I didn't have to climb a ladder! I didn't have to try a put the swarm in a pillow case, a bucket, a box. I didn't have to cut a branch.

I had another hive sitting and waiting earlier this spring for 'just in case'. How did I know?
I took one frame at a time, and gently used the frame to scoop the bees on to the frame. I repeated this action using a new frame each time, and gently placing the frame laden with bees into the new hive.
I am hoping I got a queen in with swarm.

I filled a frame feeder with sugar water, closed them up, and dragged Leave Me Bee a distance away from O Bee One.

I was watching the bees, and they were leaving the hive, but they were coming back to the hive. That is a good thing.

I checked in O Bee One. Yep. They were full! I know I probably did something wrong, but I put an extra super on the bottom for the brood, and another super for a honey.

But for now, everybody is happy!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!! I want to get bees next year and I'm a little worried about learning everything in time!

  2. I believe that keeping bees is always going to be a continuous learning experience. You will never know everything.