Friday, June 14, 2013

birds a feather....

Madeline's two doelings are adjusting to their new home. It is a learning curve having goats on the place.
Maddie purchased some beet pulp, hoping she could bribe this one to be her friend. 
I do believe it is going to be a slow process! 

She is an Oberhasli
 This one, is the more friendlier of the two. 
She is trying to make friends with Murray.

She is an Alpine

Ike and Brigan visiting with Baby over the fence

Whiskey Jack was thinking with the wrong head, and decided he was a jumper, but he misjudged his abilities and got hung up on the fence Monday morning.

This is what he was after! Brandy was in heat!

barnyard porn
Tuesday evening a lady came and purchased Whiskey Jack from Madeline. One problem solved.

Frank got Madeline's tack area finished. She was pleased as punch! Her saddles are not lying every where. She just has some more organising to do. 

Frank found this hoe.....

....and he put a new handle on it for me. I can't wait to give it a try!

We have been milking Miss Dolly almost two weeks now. We get close to 4 gallons of milk a day. I don't know what to do with all the milk. Look at that cream!! I can't over how yellow it is. I don't keep all of her milk...we give most of it to the dogs, cats, and chickens. I have so much butter in the deep freeze from the winter milking. I don't need anymore. 

On June 6th, Maddie and I, AI (Artificial Insemination) Miss Dolly. Sorry but Madeline wouldn't let me take pictures of her doing the job. 

Miss Dolly

Found this steel barrel with part of it already cut out. I gave it a quick coat of black spray paint, and planted some annuals in it.

This ole tractor tire, the previous owner used as a planter. So I planted it this year.

This year we are seeing a bad infestation of the tent caterpillar. The back quarters are looking quite bare without the leaves. They are slowly making there way to the yard site.

Frank is in the process of building us a grain bin. We have a roller mill that he is setting up. We found a fella out in Bluesky that grows a variety of grains-organically. We plan on purchasing more grain off of him, and rolling it ourselves for Miss Dolly.
We have an old tractor (Super 90 Massey Ferguson- that we affectionately dubbed Grandpa) that we don't use anymore, and Frank is going to set up Grandpa there to run the roller mill.

our roller mill
 The chicks are growing fast. I had suggested to Frank that we should build onto the existing hen house, since we changed our minds about the shed. He gave me a funny look. I guess he didn't like my idea. 

bought a bag of crushed wheat, and it got wet....Frank fed them the wet grain

they get all the extra milk and whey

I would like to seperate all the roosters, and get them on a different type of feed.

don't they look like a bunch of raptors?
When all the chickens are in the coop together, they are over crowded.

There is a hold on finishing my porch. 
There was a young couple that was real estate shopping. They didn't like the look of the garage. The door was closed most evenings and not open until 9am. Many hours past the sun rise. They next checked out the barn. There was irregular hours for the doors being open there too.
So they passed on that location too.

They decided the best spot to build was were there were no doors. The construction was new. And there was reliable weather protection.

So the young barn swallows choose our new porch rafters to build their little mud hut.

Frank and I were in Peace River earlier this week, we stopped to check out the plants that IGA had on discount. I came home with four French Lilacs. They were $7 a piece! I thought it was a good deal! I got them all planted prior to all the rain yesterday.

Yesterday we had a few showers of rain in the morning, By evening, when all three of us were in the barn, the rain came down hard, and fast and lasted for about 30 minutes. Madeline captured this kill deer eating an earthworm, after the rain had stopped.

With the rain we have been having lately, and with the way the drainage is, Frank's duck pond is full. 

 A couple of ducks, not sure what kind they are, have taken up residency on our dugout. I don't mind. They can eat the leeches that live in it.

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  1. I have enjoyed 'every post' !!! You are all so wonderfully busy with really good projects. The taming of the goats will indeed succeed... just time and ... special food

    1. Thanks! I am glad that you are enjoying my 'work' days. Some things keep me insanely busy...other things I do for the shear enjoyment! As for the goats...they are just to darn adorable!!