Friday, June 14, 2013

tour of our barn???

Our barn has had many uses since we moved in here last spring. I don't know now how many times it has been cleaned out, re-arranged, under construction etc. Some days I don't even think it qualifies as a barn! Madeline and I have come to the conclusion it is more like a shop!

Frank Jr purchased this 1974 Dodge Duster and he had it parked in the barn most of the winter. He is slowly restoring it. 

Frank built us our milking stall/maternity pen last fall. It was used in April to shear sheep.

My sickle mower has been stored in the barn since last fall when I was done haying. The far corner, is my little corner where I have built shelves, and tables. There is two tables, two table saws, two garbage bins, two older washing machines, a stereo system, lawn chairs, dog dishes all in this area.

Sickle mower still there, but a heck of a lot cleaner!

This is what Madeline's tack corner use to look like prior to Frank building her saddle stands.

I think at one point during winter, there was two trucks, the duster and a tractor parked in the barn plus my ride on tractor, lawn mower etc.

This photo was in April. The boys were getting it ready for the shearer. Frank moved my bees into the milking stall at the end of February early March when Maddie was done milking for the winter. They got moved again, back towards Maddie's tack area for about a month before they were finally moved outside.

The far corner where the tires are piled high, was cleaned out for the chicks.

Then the chicks took over the milking stall area for a few months.

 This was just a few days ago, when Frank was working on Maddie's tack area. Two trucks, lawn tractor (Johnny) push mower, and my roto tiller are stored in here too.

The corner where the tires and chicks once occupied.

A bit more organised!


Milking stall all nice and clean. Just the way I like it!

There still is pile of tires, a very old wood cook stove, the remaining 2"x6"x16's, my wool, a milking machine,  a dryer and whole bunch of other stuff is still in here!

 I know one day, I will either get a barn built for me or a machine shed will get built and more stuff will be removed from this barn/shop/storage shed. 

Whatever this building is called!!!

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