Monday, June 10, 2013

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Misty had her calf on May 31st. She had a little bull calf. Frank ended up helping her. The calf was mis-represented-upside down.  Frank had the chains on the calf's hooves, when Misty  stood up. Frank didn't let go of the chains, and Misty laid back down on her opposite side, and that was enough to flip the calf.
When Frank went to check on the beef cows, and my Jerseys the following morning, he discovered Miss Dolly's two week old heifer calf dead. I was so disappointed! We think that she might of got accidentally kicked in the head. The mosquitoes were so bad and the cows were constantly kicking at their bellies. And the other theory is that some of the beef bovines do not like the dainty dairy breeds, and she may have been got in the middle of a 'dispute'.
So with a dead calf, it was decided that Miss Dolly might as well get milked. That meant some fencing had to be built around the ole henhouse, and livestock moved around. 

Madeline and Frank made a trip to town to purchase stucco wire and it took most of the day, but they got a fence built.

Just need a gate!

Frank managed to get the last wall built for our new porch.

This is the inside.

Where the saw horse is sitting, is going to be where my new wood cook stove will be going.

We are hoping that before he goes back to work that we can get the windows and the door on, and wired. The insulation and vapour barrier I can do that in between my regular chores and hay making.

Since Goldie destroyed my young seedlings that was in the cold frame, we did some rearranging. 
Frank got me some old manure out of one of the cow sheds, and he mixed it in the little flower beds in front of the house. I planted 14 tomatoes plants in it, and since there is a young pup here, Frank was worried that Hawkeye may do some digging, so he put up a fence around the tomatoes.

I have been busy cleaning up other perennial beds. Now that the older chickens are also locked up, I thought it was worth it.

I just a bit  more to finish.

We have been cleaning up dead branches off of some of the old wind break to the west of the house. 
There is quite a bit of trimming to do in here. Frank found a funky tree. We looked it up in my books, and discovered it is a Hawthorn tree. And lucky for me, there is plenty of suckers that are growing. Once it warms up a bit (today it is barely 9 degrees Celsius) I am going to transplant them.

I have cut the lawn four times already. And with all the rain we have received in the past few days, I know I will be busy cutting grass again this week. I trimmed all the grass that was growing between the fence line and the saplings I planted last spring along the driveway.

Frank was busy hanging planks behind the house, and along the driveway. The rest of it will get done either later this summer or next spring.

It took me a bit, but I finally got the garden planted. My cucumbers have not come up yet. I think the seed is just to old. 

I did get the shed painted. I just need to paint all the blue trim white.
 But it did not feel right where it was sitting. And since the chicks got moved to the old hen house, we moved the shed to the south east side of the garden. Once it was moved it felt better.

I also moved my cold frame to the south side of the shed, and planted some of my hot peppers in it. 

We found an old steel wheel in the bush that we thought would work great for a fire-pit. Frank cut the steel spokes out. We can't wait to try it out!

Madeline and her friend Leanne, made a quick trip to Prince George, BC to purchase two Alpine doelings.

Frank rigged a cage in the back of the jeep for Maddie to haul her goats home. I worked!

This little tan girl is a bit on the shy side.

This one, is so friendly! She loves her scratches!

Yes Donna, you were right!

 Frank is building a surprise for Madeline in the barn. When he gets it finished I will share it with you!

 Frank Jr went back to work about two weeks ago. He came home 2 am Sunday morning, and was gone again 5 am this morning. He was heading to Grand Cache. I don't know how long he will be gone. He is pretty good at phoning home every couple of days.

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