Saturday, March 23, 2013

Early morning visitor.

The moose have been hanging around off and on all winter, having breakfast on us.
 They come around more so when the temperature is on the cold side. This morning it was -28 C.
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Friday, March 22, 2013

A spring tour of the farm for y'all!

And yes these wintry photos were all taken today!

The garage was built in the late '70s. There was another addition added to the north side (right side in the photo), but we tore that down last spring. 

Once the snow decides to start to melt, the addition on the South side will be torn down. We can not insure our garage until this is done. 

Can you all understand why I wish to paint or re-side these buildings? Way to much white!!!

Last fall, we put in the pilings for the new deck and mud room. Can't tell with all this snow! We are going out a couple of feet to the East (right side) past the edge of the current deck. I will post pictures of our progress.

Last spring, I planted fifty-three Lombardy Poplars along this fence line. 

You will feel hard pressed to even find the tips of all those trees. You all are just going to half to take my word that they are there!

  The barn and cow sheds after it was painted Home Hardware red.

 The barn and cow sheds prior to being painted.

Just image. Everything being white! Ugh!!

I just have a bit left to paint on the south side of the barn. 

The corrals are all getting replaced this year. We built an alley way. We also got the posts in the ground for a  round pen for Maddie.

Lots of plans for this spring and summer.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Since we moved to the new farm, almost a year ago (my how time flies), things have been changing. Not only outside but inside the house.

I have taken the pink wallpaper down out of the master bedroom, and painted. Also removed the old green shag rug and installed/laid down laminate flooring.

I have removed wallpaper from the hallway, and the one wall in the living room/dining room and painted the walls. Discarded the vertical blinds, and the drapery that were from the eighties. Also removed the thick vinyl wallpaper from the upstairs bathroom. The bathroom got painted the same colour as the living room.

The wood and windows have been purchased for the new mud room that will be added on, once the snow is built.

Last summer, we were busy pounding posts, stringing wire, and building plank fences for new corrals. Madeline and I stained the plank fences that were made late summer. We already purchased a lift of lumber to finish off of the corrals.

The existing barn and sheds were galvanized steel. We painted them last June in Home Hardware Red. With the amount of snow that we received this winter-close to eight feet-I am glad there is some colour in the yard besides all that white!

Frank has ordered tin for the garage roof. More so to protect the garage and of course to add some colour. There are plans in the works to either to paint the garage or re-side it in a light brown colour.

Last fall we purchased a huge tractor. It will be mainly used for field use. The boys have plans to purchase a blade for it. Than the tractor will have more uses. We did some disc-ing last fall with this tractor. We disc-ed about forty acres. Hopefully this spring it will be seeded to oats for green feed.

Madeline and I just finished taking an AI course. The plan is to AI the Jerseys. I  have selected a few `bulls` for the ladies. Maddie is much better at AI-ing than I am.

I have plans on getting a Prefix for my Jerseys. I would like to get them all registered.

I am debating if I am keeping my sheep. The shearer is coming on the 13 of April. Last year they never got sheared.

We sold a few critters off of the farm. Sold the Galloway bull, an eighteen month steer, Lamont-the Jersey bull, Spook and her calf. Still have the 2012 calves. Three of which are the two Jersey heifers, and the Jersey cross. The other four are steers. Which I will probably sell off of the farm.

I am in the process of procuring Columbian Rock fertilised eggs for hatching. So I hope that transaction goes through. I am also going to order Black Australorps chicks from Rochester.

I lost two of the three beehives last year. I am hoping the third hive survived winter. We put the hive in the barn for the winter. Which is probably a good thing, considering the amount of snow we have had. I will set up an extra hive in the spring, just in case my one hive decides to split.

I didn`t have a garden last year. Frank did plow strips for me. I want to try square foot gardening. I think it will be easier on my body. Once the snow starts melting, I am going to build myself a potting bench, and a seed starting table with grow lights.

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