Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday Everyone

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and the walls, came tumblin down....

I just love it when spring arrives. All the planning, and dreaming that sustained me for six months, can start coming to fruit. So many plans I have. We have.

One of those plans came to light today with the demolition of the old addition on the garage. Once the snow has melted, the beginning of my greenhouse will happen.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Road Trip

the welcome sign just outside the town of Hines Creek, AB
Today we finally made it to Rose Prairie. Well. Actually quite a ways further North than there. Seen parts of BC I have never seen before.

The Clear Hills---this area is part of  the MD that we live in

Before we left the house this morning, the radiator shop phoned. The radiator is in. Frank will head back to Peace River tomorrow morn' to pick it up. Guess what he will be doing when he gets back?

Not a very good photo, but this a snapshot of the hairpin road we had to climb  on the Rose Prairie road . A little scary pulling a trailer and the curves are at a 90 degrees 

The day today was a beautiful spring day. The temperature climbed to plus 8! Clear blue sky, and not a cloud in sight!! The truck and trailer were full of mud!! I love it! You know spring isn't far when the vehicles get full of mud!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Plans change

Today we were going to head to Rose Prairie, BC to pick up the tin that we had ordered to redo the roof on our garage. Frank had the trailer hooked up to the truck. He started the jeep for Madeline and backed it out of the garage this morning for her. She started off to work.

I finished my walk on my treadmill, and went and had a shower. Next thing I hear is my baby girl's voice, asking if I know where her cell phone is! What happen? The jeep starting smoking, the temperature gauge went up, and the battery gauge dropped. She was a few miles from home. 
Her cell phone would not have helped her. Bad cell phone service area.

So Frank, unhitched the trailer, and drove her to Fairview. Plans changed. 

He worked on her jeep, and discovered there is about three different radiators. One for the engine, one for the air conditioner, and one for the transmission. What happen to the days, when there use to be only one radiator?

Radiator is toast. 
New one is on order. And until it comes in, I guess Madeline will be getting driven to and fro from work. Again.

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My family made it home safe!

Madeline bought herself a Malamute puppy from a lady near Paradise Valley, back before the puppy was born. She made arrangements with Kelly to meet  in Lamont when the puppy was eight weeks old. 

Madeline has a school friend, Leanne, who lives in the Barrhead area. The girls planned weeks ago to  get together this weekend. You know the old adage-kill two birds with one stone.

Madeline has had her drivers for about two months, and being parents we were quite concerned about driving that distance as a new driver. It is approximately a six hour drive from the farm to Barrhead. And the weather in March is very unpredictable  Alternate plans where made. Frank would drive Madeline to High Prairie and Leanne would meet them there. 

But powers at be, decided that plan was no good either. We got news, somewhat late, that Frank's father had an operation to remove a cancerous lump in his saliva glands and things took a turn for the worst, and he was in ICU. So plans where changed once more. Leanne met them in Mayerthorpe, and Frank continued on to his to his brother's farm, near Tomahawk.

Leanne agreed to drive Madeline to Lamont to pick up her new puppy.


Young Frank had been in camp near Rainbow Lake, for most of the past week. It was quite the surprise when he drove into the yard yesterday. A very good surprise.

Frank and Madeline were home just after 5.30. In time for a home cooked meal!

I had enough of being a bachelor-ette!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

moose and wolves

sorry about the screen. I took it through the  kitchen window
This young mama and her calf approach the hay very cautiously. Keeping an eye on the older cow and her calf, as they quietly walk away.

We have been watching the moose all winter long in our yard. Moose TV.

Frank started moving the second cut alfalfa. We don't mind them nibbling on the hay. It is just the damage that they cause. Frank left a couple of the bales that they were chewing on. But that didn't deter them from jumping the fence to the new location. Frank moved most of the rest of the hay. He stacked it around and on top of the alfalfa. We would like to save the second-cut for when the cows and ewes start calving/lambing. And this year our second cut is like gold. Rare and precious. We were lucky only to get fifteen bales. 

Most of the winter we had only one cow/calf pair. But soon the younger pair showed up, and the single moose that was here yesterday.

The politicians and some livestock owners have insisted that this area needs to do something about the population explosion and the financial destruction caused by the wolves. For the past two to three years there has been a bounty on these gorgeous animals. 

We have had wolves on our property. Amongst our cattle. We knew, if we ever had a wolf kill we would be forced into action to do something about the problem. Fortunately for us, so far, we haven't been put in that situation. 

We have had discussions with hunters, that they say they are doing us a favour by killing the wolf. 

What the bounty has done, is increased the food chain that the wolf would normally take care of -deer/moose. Wolf behaviour is to take out the old, the weak, and the young.

I have lived in Central/Northern Alberta for nearly forty years. This is the first time I have seen so many moose. The first time I have seen moose eating  farmers's hay. 

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