Wednesday, May 22, 2013

always busy....

I like to think that I am a  resourceful kind of gal.
 I would love to have a brand new patio set for out deck. I have been wanting one for about 16 years. Talk about a long term wish! Anyways. I figured since we can't afford a new set, at least I have some skills that I can build us a table for our deck. Which I did. 

I don't like using a circular saw, but I am ok using the table saw. We didn't have any 2x4s, so I took scrap 2x8s that Frank had left over from building the floor joist from the deck, and ripped them in the half for my table. 
Frank also had a very old dull chisel that I used for my notches. 
Considering this is the first piece of furniture that I have made, I don't think I did to bad! Yes I am tooting my own horn.
 My basic pattern is  Ana White's farmhouse table I just modified it.

As promised, here is a photo of our fine feathered friends who have taken over our milking stall.

The boys chick proofed the pen in behind the barn. The chicks love being outside.

I have alot of painting to do this summer! I need to finish painting the barn. Last summer I used about 12 gallons of paint on the barn and the two sheds. The south side of the barn is all that is left!

Went and checked on Misty a couple of times today. Her bag is getting bigger. I think she will calf closer to the end of the month.

This is the little Jersey heifer that got herself into trouble! You can't tell in this photo, but her back quarters of her udder is getting bigger/fuller.

Frank was hooking up the electric fence on Monday, and he was talking wire from another cross fence in the smaller paddocks and he didn't close gates behind him, and Madeline's horses got out into the Junkyard paddock. Maddie decided to kick them out through another gate into the bush pasture-except for the two new mares. She didn't want the minis to go out to the bush, but Charlie being Charlie, went through the fence and joined the bigger boys. 
The fence that Frank was adding the electric fence to, is the one seperating the Junkyard paddock from the west pasture. Don't need the bull to go through the fence to get himself a little nookie before we want him to. 
While I was out checking on Misty the horses were up. 

Ike's wounds have healed nicely. 

I swear that Pinterest is going to be the death of me! I am getting way to many ideas!
 I started this 'trellis tunnel' on Sunday, and I got it finished today. I am way to short to be hammering the six foot T-posts in the ground, that I had to stand on the wooden step ladder. The husband finally took pity on me today, after I had eight post in the ground, he helped me with the last four!

I have cucumbers planted in the front bed. I am hoping I can train the cukes up the cattle panels. 
This project didn't cost me much. We already had a stack of cattle panels that the previous owners left behind. The T-post I purchased at Peavey Mart for $6.99 a piece before GST. 

Had another lamb this morning. The lamb that was born yesterday and this little one are both ewe lambs. Yep! I finally checked! Both lambs have had their tails docked ( I put a band on them), both have had their needles-we give 1/2 cc of vitamins A & D, and 1/2 cc of selenium, and all four were given a paint brand. I only know a few of my older ewes by sight. The yearlings I can not tell apart. So, this year I decided each mama will be given a letter from the alphabet, and the lambs will get the corresponding letter. If a ewe gives birth to twins each twin will have the same letter plus a number. For example A1, A2.

This is my storage shed-for now. 

It was located back by the old henhouse, bunkhouse, and the garage. 
Can you see the hint of blue through the trees? That is our dugout. Our only source of water, for us and the livestock. Last year, it was stilling 'running' with over flow. This year it only over flowed for a couple of days. 

It went for a little ride.

And found a new home.

The bees were slightly pissed off that there was all this noise and intrusion. I think we should have waited until 10 pm to move the shed. I am hoping that we didn't mess up the flight path to bad for the girls.

A few from the house. The shed will be getting painted, and it is getting re-purposed into a 'summer' house for the chickens. The plan is to make a chicken run along the two sides of the garden. Less grass for me to cut, and the chickens can be on pest control.

Frank had noticed during the spring melt where the water was running. And one of the places it was running was under the shed. He dug some soil out and made a 'pond' for future ducks.

The excess soil went to where the addition use to be on the garage, and where my greenhouse will be going.

Frank also got the rails made on the stairs. Now he just needs to build the wall for the porch!

While I was trying to write this post, Frank came in the house and called to me. He said 'you have a problem with your Jerseys'

The problem was that Miss Dolly had her calf! A little heifer.

Took a bit, but I got her to suckle!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

whats been going on around here....

The boys got the tin on the porch/deck roof last Thursday. The wind was actually calm enough for them to do their job! We have had some wicked winds lately! 

My cold frame was destroyed by.....

.....Goldie! She dug in it, and made herself a comfortable spot to lay. Some days, these dogs are lucky I have more bark than bite!!!

These are most of my seedlings that I started. I have three different varieties of tomatoes, peppers, squashes (not in this group), flowers, herbs, artichokes. I planted about 30 asparagus. I sure hope they grow! 

Frank got my garden all roto-tilled yesterday. I really hate starting a new garden plots. This will be my third garden spot that I have created in 28 years. I am praying it is my last. The husband is not allowed to move us anymore. I even told him, if he thought about moving, I would pack his bags! All said with a smile! 

Today it was raining, so I didn't get my root vegetables planted. The moon is still in a good phase tomorrow-so I am hoping that tomorrow it isn't raining.

Madeline got her two mares over the weekend. The red one is Brandi-Ike's mother, and the grey one is Lou. Lou won a couple of races, but Brandi didn't. Explains why Ike was never a placer. Both these mares are bred back to a Quarter horse. Going to be real interesting what their foals are going to look like next spring! Lou is the boss and a bit high strung. They both need refresher courses-they both are broke to ride, its just  been a while since they have had riders on their backs. The past few years, they have been just brood mares.

These three amigos were really interested in what and who the newcomers were. I wonder if Ike remembers his mama? Ike's wounds healed really nice. He runs around like he was never injured!

Frank Jr, has been working on his '74 Duster. He is getting bored being at home. This is one of the downfalls about working in the oil patch. Come springtime, you sit and wait to be called back to work!

We finally had our first lamb yesterday. I haven't even check to see what she had!

I moved her and her lamb into the jug late yesterday afternoon. Tomorrow, both of them will get 'branded' and dock the lamb's tail, give it needles. And if it is a ram lamb, I shall band him.

Frank also made a plank fence in behind the house. 

The chicks are growing. Sorry no photo. We turned our milking stall into a temporary chick run! We also 'chick' proofed the small pen in behind the barn, so the chicks can go outside. 

We moved the cow calf pairs out into the west pasture. Misty is with them. She is bagging up! I am so excited about her calving. She hasn't had a calf in two years. She had milk fever, and I think that set her back. 
We also discovered one of the Jersey heifers is also bred! 
None of us are impressed. Damn teenagers! I am starting to think that Jerseys hit breeding age early compared to the beef breeds. We figure she must of got bred in September/October.  And the bulls were still in with the cows and calves. 
We weaned the calves when they were approximately six months of age-which would have been in November.

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