Sunday, May 26, 2013

we didn't do much....

Thursday morning Frank was out fixing the fence line between the Junkyard Paddock and the West Field. He was installing the wire for the electric fence.
There were three calves in with the steer, the bull and Annie. Their mamas were happy to get them back! Even Miss Dolly's little heifer was on the other side! 

A bit later, Frank was washing the chore tractor. I ended up taking over, his hands go numb. I should have stayed in the house, while my bread was rising!
He serviced it afterwards: changed the oil -I guess he does that every 100 hours or prior to the change of seasons--Spring and Fall. He greased everything too. He took the forks off as well. He'll wash the tractor a few times through out the summer too, doesn't want it to catch on fire. We have been trying to get ready to seed a few acres in oats. Frank wants to have some green feed on hand this winter. 

After I was done baking my bread in the afternoon, I got young Frank to run me in to the hospital for my appointment with the vampires.

I had to return this week for my phlebotomy.

 My veins are crappy. They are not at the surface, and I am getting tired of the nurses fishing for my veins. I know they feel bad for poking me more than once. My right arm still hurts from where Loretta poked me twice last week. I know she missed the vein, there was no blood to be hand, and the muscle is still pretty frikken sore! It even hurts to pick up a glass of water!!

Nurse Shelly was working last Tuesday also, and all she managed to get out of me was about 30 ml.
But this week Shelly arranged to have Tom to come over from the lab to poke me with the needle.
This week,I think I was in and out within 30 minutes! A far cry from the three hours and being poked three times like last weeks botched phlebotomy! Shelly managed to get her quota of 500 ml. 

When we made the appointment for my next phlebotomy in three weeks time-the nurses put a note beside my name to request Tom again.

Bad thing about this procedure, is sets me back for a couple of days! I was in bed my 8.30 that night! And my energy levels still aren't back to where I need it to be! Give me another week and hopefully, I am right as right!

When we got home, we went out to the field and checked on Frank.We have an unwritten code around here-if you know someone is out in the fields working- check on them!  
You should see the water/mud holes that we have to drive through! Four wheel drive is a necessity! We need to get better drainage or build bridges! 
Frank doesn't own a seed drill, he has a seed broadcaster instead. Makes one pass depending on the length of field, before he has to fill up again. It is painstaking slow! I am hoping next year he can find one at an auction.

And speaking of auctions.
There was a consignment sale yesterday which the three amigos went to. The husband  came home with some goodies. 
He managed to win the bid on seven (7) brand new,10 foot steel gates. Which we definitely needed! 

and a 15 foot set of discs.

Jersey calves always remind me of fawns! 

Misty should be calving soon. She is starting to get a bit of mucus hanging out of her vagina.

Yesterday, before the gang went to the auction, Frank and Madeline fixed the wire gate into the East Horse Paddock and than they moved her two mares over. Two of those steel gates will be replacing the wire gate.

This is the view I have from my kitchen window.

East Horse Paddock

Frank Jr, went to the muffler shop in Grimshaw yesterday morning. He picked up his exhaust system for his truck that he had ordered. And since he was in town,  I got him to go to the Home Hardware store and get me two gallons of paint for my shed. I had every intention of painting it yesterday, but Mother Nature had other plans. 
It rained!
It also rained today. 
Which we need. 
I will get it painted this week. Fingers crossed!
I also got my side table for the deck started. I just need screws. I know someone will be going to town this week!

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